Vision Statement

Beecroft Academy aims to be a place whereby children who attend are served in a nurturing and value driven manner, in order for every aspect of their potential to be recognised and fulfilled. Our desire is for children (and staff) to be part of a school for which they feel pride and excitement– one which cares for each member much like a family.

Through their time here at Beecroft Academy, we hope that children will learn:

  • A set of moral and spiritual values
  • A core set of skills, such as reading, writing, mathematics, physical, scientific and artistic
  • A hunger to better themselves and persevere
  • A  high sense of self- esteem and an understanding of their own value as individuals
  • A tolerance and respect for all regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity
  • To be confident and successful learners

In order for this to be achieved, we at Beecroft Academy strive to offer outstanding and inspirational teaching, through skilled and constantly learning practitioners, who view the children’s academic and personal, social, social and moral well- being as the priority.

All the staff endeavour to make Beecroft Academy a safe and secure environment, both with regards to the building and the grounds and also with the systems and the environment for which the children learn in.

We also recognise that teamwork and positive partnerships – with individual children, the whole class, colleagues,  governors, parents and the wider community are integral to fulfilling our vision and values and we work incredibly hard to ensure that these partnerships are healthy and productive.

At Beecroft Academy, our principles are that the implementation of this vision statement will see children served to the best of the staffs ability and become the best they can possibly be.